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Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy is the most popular form of therapy. It is a therapeutic approach in which you undergo one-on-one treatment with a therapist. This is a common approach for individuals that are experiencing problems with coping, anxiety, depression, trauma, transitioning & adjusting, and mental disorders. The goals of this therapy are to provide you with support, alleviate symptoms, and assist you in gaining awareness and insight into your condition, emotional state, and behaviors.

individual therapy

Couples Therapy


Couples Therapy is a therapeutic approach intended for two individuals that are struggling with distress in their relationship. The distress is often caused by poor communication skills, ineffective coping skills of one or both partners, and/or incompatibility.  The goal of treatment is to reestablish a healthy level of functioning for the individuals in the relationship.  This approach is intended to assist couples in gaining awareness into the areas in which they are currently dissatisfied and experiencing problem with and provide them with the tools and skills needed to restore their relationship.

couples/family therapy

Family Therapy


Family Therapy is a form of counseling that is intended to assist family members in enhancing interpersonal communication and resolving conflicts. Family therapy sessions may often involve all family members, or it can just involve a few members that are able and willing to undergo treatment. The goal of therapy is to help members develop skills that will assist them in strengthening family connections, coping effectively with stress and conflict in the future.

Family Therapy

Personal Development Coaching


Personal Development Coaching is intended to assist you with achieving your place of peace, joy, and personal success. I am committed to empowering you to find the rhythm of life that leads you in the direction of your desires, despite the challenges and obstacles that life presents. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to not only cultivate a meaningful and passionate life, but also deepen your relationships with yourself and others.

Personal Development Coaching

Addiction Recovery Counseling


Addiction Recovery Counseling can help support you throughout the treatment process and create an individualized plan for recovery and after-care.

Addiction Recovery Counseling
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